head massagerA head massager can be a great way to get some relief from tension headaches and is also a great way to help you relax and unwind. Head massagers are generally put together with the principles of reflexology and acupressure. Massaging the head is a great way to stimulate one’s energy flow and to help you feel revived.

Using a head massager is a much cheaper alternative to paying for an Indian head massage or similar but you can still reap the same or similar benefits. The benefits of using a head massager include pain relief from tension headaches, stress relief and improved circulation.

Head massagers come in various shapes and forms. There are hand held rubber head massagers that have round tips which one can use in the shower with conditioner. There are also wooden tripod shaped head massagers that be used over pressure points on the head. These types are effective for deep relaxation. There are also metal head massagers that fit over your entire head and these types usually stimulate nerve endings.

Below are some of the best selling head massagers.

idream 1180 head massageriDream 1180 Head Massager

The iDream 1180 head massager is a lightweight, portable massager that gives you 7 programs of sound/nature sounds to help you relax, plus a firm kneading massager to help relief tension in your head.  The head massager has 4 different vibration settings and an adjustable timer, allowing you to set a predetermined time for your message to end.

kneading massage cushionKneading Massage Cushion

The Kneading Massage Cushion is a relaxing and comforting pillow that can relief tension from sore aching muscles in your head, neck or anywhere else in your body you wish to. It is great for your temples and relieving eye strain. It also comes with massage functions.