back massagerA back massager can be the best thing you ever purchase if you suffer from everyday back pain that, at times, can leave you feeling energy-less and exhausted. A back massager can relieve you from tense knotted muscles and thus give you back some much needed energy and vigour. The best selling back massagers are usually the type that gives you control over the amount of pressure you can exert. Having control allows you to get a much more effective massage and also will help you overcoming knots more easily.

Generally the better a back massager, the longer between sessions you can go. Many customers of back massagers have found that by using their back massager they have managed to work out several problem areas and with each use they find that the time between using it grows longer and longer giving them longer lasting relief each time. Some customers have also found that a fundamental part of their therapy with a chiropractor/massage therapist and have found it has saved them a lot of money.

Types Of Back Massager

There are 2 types of back massager available. You can either go for an electric massager or a manual massager depending on your needs and what you prefer.

Best Selling Back Massagers

Below are a selection of both the best selling electric and manual back massagers on the market.

Popular Manual Back Massagers

Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $34.95
Amazon Price: $33.99

Spine Worx Back Realignment Device

Spine Worx is an easy to use spinal realignment device. It is lightweight, portable and simple to use. To use the Spine Worx you simply lie on it making sure your spine is aligned properly. Your own body weight then will apply pressure to the spine that will help it realign to its natural position against the rails on the device.


Popular Electric Back Massagers

Back pain is one of the most common health issues in the Western world. There are many reasons why people suffer from back pains including posture problems, excess weight and injury which isn’t surprising when we live in a world that is mostly sendentary and indoors sitting at computers and desks.

Back pain can have flare ups which lead us to having a preoccupation with ways to relieve it. It can be distressing, upsetting and also lead to one’s energy being drained as tighten muscles sap all your energy.
The number one thing anyone can do for their back pain is to sort out their posture. Posture is one of the main reasons that back pain arises and can be rectified with professional help or with patience at home.

There are also back massagers on the market that are specifically designed to straighten out your posture and prevent back pain from reappearing. Overall, posture is probably the first thing you need to consider, especially if you work long hours at a desk or computer.

For quick relief that isn’t going to “fix” the issue long term, massage is very effective. Seeing someone though for a massage is expensive and can get expensive. An alternative is to use a back massager appliance. You can get both electric and manual back massagers that will help relieve the tension and knots in your back. Using a back massager is a popular option because you only incur a one time fee and isn’t usually all that expensive either.

A back massager can be something you use after a day at work and can help refresh you and relieve you from tense painful muscles. It can help increase circulation to the sore area and make you feel more comfortable. If you have a back problem that is ongoing and cannot be fixed by sorting out your posture, then a back massager is a great tool to have and be able to use on a regular basis. Even if you can fix your problems with better posture, a back massager can be great to use in the mean while, while you are overcoming the postural problems that affect it in the first place.