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Massage Vibrator - Latest Deals, Reviews & Info

There are many massage vibrators available on the market today. Some of these vibrators are masked as massagers but are mainly bought by women to use as a vibrator. Some of the best vibrators are masked as a massage vibrator and give the best effects. They are also usually a lot cheaper.

A massage vibrator can not only give one sexual relief (which isn’t its main purpose) but also help you relax sore aching muscles.  It can help you get rid of knots you have accumulated throughout the day and some having a warming effect that helps increase the circulation to the sore area helping to heal it quicker.

You can many different types of massager including foot massager, hand massager, scalp massager, foot massage machines, head massager but the most popular type tend to be the hand held massagers.

Below are some of the most popular massage vibrators available on the market.  For the best deals Amazon is the best place to check out for them.

Types Of Massage Vibrator

head massagerleg massagerscalp massager

Best Selling Massage Vibrators

Despite the various types of massage vibrator, below are the best selling massage vibrators.  If you are looking for an effective massager you might just find one in the top massagers below.

Magic Wand Massager

This is one of the most popular massage vibrators available and although is marketed as a massager, it is most bought by women to use as a vibrator. It is mains charged and will last for up to half an hour before it needs charging again.  It also has a flexible vinyl tip and is a discreet back massager shape so you don’t have to worry about it lying about.  It also has 2 powerful 2 speed control.

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Acuvibe Vibrator Magic Wand Hand Held Massager

This massage is great to release muscle tension, fatigue and pinpoints pressure points. It has a flexible spring head and is great for relieving neck and back pain. This vibrator is often compared to the Hitachi Wand but gives you 45 minutes use at high speed and is cordless.

WAHL Massager

This massager vibrator is great for sore and stiff muscles. The product also incorporates heat as well and this is why this massage vibrator is so popular. It has 2 vibration speeds and 2 heat settings and includes multiple attachments so you can customize it to different parts of the body.

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Natural Contours Massage Vibrator

Natural Contours Ultime Massager. This massager has a u-shaped, ergonomic design that allows it to touch on dual pleasure points, including the G-spot. Ultime’s low-noise motor also provides tantalizing vibrations in three speeds.

Natural Contours Ideal Massage Vibrator

This is a very powerful massage and from the bulb head alone orgasm is achieved almost instantly!  Unlike other wand massage vibrators on the market, this one is cordless and lasts for up to an hour if not longer making it a better buy than some of the other cordless vibrators out there!

Other massage vibrators that are reviews on this website include the ultrasonic massager, the Homedics Shiatsu foot massager, the shiatsu foot massager, Thera Cane Massager, manual back massagers, electric back massagers, Body Back Buddy, Spine Worx ReAlignment DeviceWAHL massager, Hitachi Magic Wand massager, Shoulder flex massageriDream 1180 head massager, Kneading Massage Cushion, Tonic Roller, Verseo Roller Cell 2 Massage System, Cellulite Control Roller Massager, Celluless Portatil Vacum Therapy, and we will be adding more and more reviews too.

We also have articles on various subjects revolving around massage and health including: The Benefits Of Massage,

We also have a page of helpful videos.

Massage is something all humans crave. Even if you’re not a long term sufferer or have any problems, we all love being pampered and get the utmost pleasure from going through an experience we can’t give to ourselves. Having someone, or some thing, touch you in a way that only they/it can is an extremely special and therapeutic experience. It can relieve nerves, muscle aches and paints, anxiety, and most importantly – stress.

So what can one do without having to spend a lot of money? With an ongoing problem, or even occasionally as a treat, it’s not a very viable solution both financially and being able to find the time. Massage is expensive, bookings aren’t always at the most sensible times to fit your schedule, and they are generally time-consuming.

What about doing it yourself? Well, that seems like a ludicrous solution to some but with the aid of particular tools and machines (massage vibrators and massager machines like hand massagers, foot massagers, back massagers and foot massage machines) it’s very well doable! We seem to be in an age of self-help right now. With the unfathomably busy schedules of the modern worker, self-help is at the top of the list of priorities for everyone in this modernised whirlwind of the industrial revolution. After all, if we can hop online to order a pizza or tell your friend you need picking up, all from your phone, then why on earth can’t we massage ourselves?

Chairs, vibrating hand-held devices, octopus-shaped handheld head rubbing… thingies… they are all part of the range that makes up self-massage, and they work brilliantly. A handheld device can be used whilst watching tv, sitting reading, or whilst laying in bed. Having a massager (massage vibrator) not only eases the tension from your muscles but can also improve blood flow and circulation, and even improve the unsightly build-up of cellulite.

The Christmas holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Despite a time for family and relaxation, it seems as though until it is Christmas day, everyone is rushing around stressed out about gift buying and food shopping.

But as soon as Christmas day is over, the stress of January Sales hit and things start over. It seems that despite Christmas being a holiday seasons it doesn’t feel like it!

Knowing what we go through each year, it is important to ensure we give ourselves time to relax and to deal with the holidays in the best way we can that benefits our well being and health. Christmas is a time for family most importantly and this should come before any material desires or wants. Christmas is relaxation time with the family and this should not just be on Christmas day only. The new year should be started in a good way so make time to unwind and to enjoy the season instead of feeling wiped out from shopping and preparation.

Below are 4 tips to stay relaxed this seasons:

1. Don’t neglect yourself – Make time to do what you usually do when it comes to your health. Don’t skip on your exercise regime or your healthy eating habits. Even though most people flop this time of year: DON’T! You will just have to start over again in the New Year and it is much harder to start over than to continue a health regime. So don’t just let everything fall to the wayside. You will feel better if you continue your normal routines.

2. Eat Healthy Foods – With Christmas and Winter there comes a tendency to eat lots of food and lots of junky food. Out comes the big tins of chocolate treats as well as the crisps, nuts and other snacks we accumulate for family and friends to over-gorge on. Try to stick to a healthy way of eating and only have some treats here and there, instead of just going full blown into the Christmas foods. Try to include a salad with your Christmas meal too just to keep it at least somewhat healthy. Make fruits a big part of your Christmas snacks too. This way you avoid piling on the pounds and spending the beginning of 2011 trying to get those pounds off again.

3. Do Your Shopping Online – The high streets and shopping centres can be mental at this time of year. Just the crowds are enough to send anyone into a full blown panic attack and stress you out. So avoid them. Do you shopping at home. It is much easier to shop around online, then fight crowds and if you want it even easier you can just go to Amazon which is a great place to get all your gifts in one place.

4. Go For A long Walk – If everything is getting to you a great way to unwind is to go for a long walk or even a short walk. I find that if I am bogged down by work or something, that just going for a short walk and getting some fresh air is enough to help me feel relaxed again.

Whatever you do this Winter, make sure you look after yourself.

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Being someone who has always struggled to relax, I’ve always found myself with a build up of excess tension throughout my body. Headaches, muscle ache and a general “tight” feeling are things that have always plagued my every day life even as early as school days.

A ‘stress-head’ is something someone aptly labelled me as once, and they were right indeed.

It is difficult to release this stress without the aid of someone else. If you have a partner (who is willing, of course) or someone close to you who is able to give you a “helping hand” then that’s great. A deep massage can certainly unwind the tension and release even some of the mental stress, as they are all linked. But we all know the burden of guilt that ensues when you ask this of someone too many times. Ironically, it’s only going to add more stress and tension!

I’ve always been a strong believer in the link between body and mind, and whilst one can’t rest, neither can the other. In that sense, I suppose the same can be said for stress and ominous feelings. Whilst the mind is active and panicked the body can also suffer. Muscle tension increases, and insidiously builds up to a point where you get knots, aches, and inexplicable pains all from a gradual build up of stress and anxiety.

For this reason, when you do get massaged it can often incite painful memories or emotional nostalgia. This is good, and should never let it put you off. If you have a turbulent life or a have strong emotional ties to things that happened earlier then it can trigger that kind of emotional regurgitation. Body and mind both get purged, and afterwards a catharsis is often experienced.

The Magic Wand Massager by Hitachi is marketed as a personal massager but is known to be one of the best vibrators in the world. The Hitachi Magic Wand is known for sending women into a frenzy!

This massage vibrator is simple to use, has mains power and is very affordable. With mains power you can charge it and it can be used up to half an hour before it will need to be charged again, which is plenty of time if you are using it for what most women do. If however you are using it as it is named – to massage – then half an hour might not be so great!

Many massage vibrators have come on the market in recent years, but despite the ever growing array of massagers or vibrators – the Magic Wand Massager has held its ground and is still one of the most popular massage vibrators available. This not only comes down to the fact that this product is very cheap, but it is also because it delivers what women want!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is also now available with a UK power adapter, so this product isn’t just for the ladies in the States.

If you want to a great massage vibrator, one that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket, and gives you what you need then the Hitachi Magic Wand is the massager vibrator for you!

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There are many massage vibrators available on the market (back massager vibrator, intimate massager, hand held massager, heated massagers, head massager etc plus of course including massagers such as the rabbit pearl vibrator, ball vibrators) and working out which one is most suitable to you can be difficult. Whether you want a small handheld massage vibrator or something like the five finger massage glove – this website attempt to offer you the guidance you need.

If you have any questions or want to see specific reviews then please feel free to contact us.